What Is A Bone Knife? Let’s Find Out Best Bone Knives!

What is a bone knife is an easy question. A knife short and wide made for skinning animals would be the answer. This tool makes your work easy and saves your time and labor.

There are many brands and a variety of knives out in the market. Choosing the best bone knife would be really hard for a beginner. So from my experience, I will try to present you with #4 best bone knives that I think are great as skinner knives.

What Is A Bone Knife?

Bone Collector BC808

BC808 is a stylish and sharp 6.25-inch blade. The size of it is perfect for outdoor camping and skinning.


It is made out of stainless steel. Because of stainless steel, there is no chance of corrosion or rust. A stainless steel knife also holds its edge for a long time. This knife from the bone collector is durable as well as long-lasting.


The whole body is 6.25 inches long. The blade is 3.25 inches long. A pointy edge is at the front for inserting and making whole. The body of this knife is full tang. The weight is very light, only 0.4 ounces. The weight distribution is perfect. The thickness is only 0.125 inches.


As the knife is made out of stainless steel, it holds its edge for a long time. There is no chance of chipping or deforming the edge. The blade thickness is also thin, so you can insert it into the skin for deskinning.


A bone-made handle that looks great and classy is present in this knife. The handle is 3 inches long. It is attached to the body with a rivet. So, the handle does not detach so easily. The grip of this handle is firm and comfortable.

Bone collector BC808 comes with a handmade leather cover. This makes the handle portable along with its size. Overall, this is a great knife for camping and traveling.


  • Made out of stainless steel.
  • 3.25 inches long blade.
  • The tip is pointy.
  • 3 inch long handle made out of bone.
  • Very lightweight, only 0.4 ounces.
  • Comes with a handmade leather cover.


  • Not suitable for heavy work.

Bone Collector Hunting Knife Two-Piece Set

This two-piece set of knives is amazing for skinning, deboning, chopping, and slicing. It is stylish and precise.


Both the knives are made out of stainless steel. Stainless steel is great for avoiding rust and corrosion. Applying force and pressure will not deform or warp it. The longevity of these two is great.


Both the knife is full tank. One is a 7-inch straight knife, and one is a 7-inch gut knife. There is a pointy edge at the front of the blades. The hook knife has a finger hole which makes the grip strong.


The edge of this blade is razor-sharp and holds its sharpness for a decent amount of time. Stainless steel makes sure there is no chipping off. Doing heavy work would not deform the edge. Moreover, the straight and hook knife combo makes every work effortless. The thickness of this blade is only 4mm.


The handle of these blades is made from original Bovine bone. The handle is attached to the body with rivets. This makes sure the handle is always attached to the body. The safety is great. The grip is firm. There are curves for your finger that will give you a comfortable grip.

Lastly, this knife set comes with a leather cover. This feature allows you to carry your knife with you all the time. This knife is a perfect package for all the knife work at your outdoor adventure.


  • Made from stainless steel.
  • 7 inches long straight and hook knife.
  • Razor-sharp edge.
  • Bovine bone-made handle.
  • Finger hole for better grip.
  • Leather cover.


  • Little large in width.

Bone Collector Knife BC-794

This unusually shaped knife is made for hunting. It is very sharp and can skin a deer all along.


It is built with stainless steel. This steel is hand-made and forged well. The toughness of this knife is great. There is no chance of warping. Stainless steel is rust-resistant and corrosion-free. So this knife lasts very long and is durable.


The body is a full tang. The top of the knife is pointed to insert into thick deerskin. There is a hook at the top back of the knife, which helps for skinning. The blade is overall 7 inches long. The big finger hole gives you the ability to use extra power for skinning.

Blade edge

The sharpness of this blade is razor-sharp, and it can hold its sharpness for a long time. The stainless steel allows it to hold its edge intact. The top and the hook are pointy to make gaps when skinning. Sharpening the knife is also easy. The tooth on the back of the blade gives extra cutting power.


The handle of this knife is made from bones. Brushed brass is used for the rivets. It gives the knife a cool look along with safety. The curves on the handle make gripping it comfortable.

This knife also comes with a custom hand-made cover. The portability of this BC794 is unquestionable. All over, this knife is all in one as your hunting companion.


  • Made from stainless steel.
  • Razor-sharp 3 inches of blade.
  • Bone-made 3 inch handle with brass rivets.
  • Finger hole for extra support.
  • Pointy top and hook for punching hole.
  • Leather cover for portability.


  • A little bit heavy for a skinning knife.

Shop4Omni Bone Collector Hunting Knife Two-Piece Set

This set comes with a straight knife and a gut hook knife. Not only stylish, but this knife also does its job properly.


This hunting knife is made from stainless steel. It is rust-free and corrosion-free. The chances of deforming and warping are minimal. The shine of this knife is great, so it is nonsticky also.


The body of these 2 is a full tang. The knives are solidly built. One is a straight knife, and the other is a gut hook knife. Both are 7 inches in overall length. The curve on the blade allows you to slice and dice more effectively. The finger hole in the gut hook knife helps to grip properly.


The blade is razor-sharp. You can deskin your deer with minimal resistance. The stainless steel allows the blade to hold its edge for a long time. On the other hand, sharpening the blade is also easy. Both the blades are 3.25 inches in length.


The handle is made out of bone. It is attached with rivets which ensures firm attachment. The curves on the handle allow you to hold these comfortably.

These 2 knives also come with a leather cover. You can carry it easily on your belt when going hunting.


  • 2 stainless steel-made knives.
  • Straight and hook-type knife.
  • The handle is made from bone.
  • Finger hole.
  • Pointy tip.
  • Leather cover.


  • Little costly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a skinner knife?

Ans: Skinner knife is a small but wide knife. It is specially made for deskinning. Skinning a big animal is hard work, but with a skinner knife, this task becomes effortless.

What is the main difference between a skinner knife and a hunting knife?

Ans: Hunting knives do the fieldwork easily but can’t do the skinning of big animals. A skinning knife does this task easily. Also, a hunting knife is long in length, but a skinner knife is short and wide.

How to sharpen a skinner knife?

Ans: It is easy to sharpen a skinner knife. As other knives are sharpened, this is no exception. Use a regular whetstone, and the task will be easy.


Skinner or bone knives are great for doing big animals. On your hunting trip, a skinner knife gives you flexibility. From my experience of knives, I enlisted 4 knives that I think serve as skinner knives. I hope this article was a little help to you. Thank you.

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